®Easy Chain | Shops shelving system by Sartoretto Verna™
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How to achieve success

renovating your shop

® Easy Chain is a modular shelving ABS system, pure and minimalist in design and with the aim of simplifying the whole process of building and equipping any shop. ®Easy Chain is an Italian product, newly born yet famous abroad and fully recyclable. Winner of Innovation & Research Prize 2015.

How does the ® Easy Chain

give added value to products on display?

Designed to expose the product in a diverse way. The LED-lit central structure and the double top visual help define the products on each display

®Easy Chain modern design and attractive shape renders any area innovative, and it is pleasant to see as well as to the touch. The flared shape of the shelves allows it to be easily placed on a corner improving the visibility of products and facilitating the creation of innovative ways of exposing and selling them

Each has a transparent Plexiglas holder housing prices and information about the product on each floor

– The top part of the display has been designed to contain a metal banner with a magnetic communication system (carter) and a tall double visual containing enlarged info on the use of the product line/area/logo case. The latter has a diffused LED light creating a great atmosphere

Vertical displays and gondolas are easily configurable; they can even be enlarged to optimize capacity

The central gondolas provide the option of top displays or horizontal tops to organize products on special offer.



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“Easy to renovate your shop

The “green” modular shelving system made in Italy by Sartoretto Verna™ “

Main characteristics:

®Easy Chain is self-supporting, requires no fixed wall support, and can be organized, moved, and quickly placed in any part of your shop.

®Easy Chain’s minimalist design lends itself to being easily used indiscriminately in any area of the pharmacy. Rounded edges and finishes render the parts pleasing to the eye as well as to the touch.

Easy to assemble. The system consists of three elements: shelf, jolly and blister hooks, which can be easily combined to create a variety of single or double-sided configurations with varying heights.

Easy to position. The system has a supporting back that goes against the wall reducing construction work.

Reduction of costs for renovation, assembly and maintenance

Italian product in ABS: long-lasting and environmentally-friendly as it is recyclable

Easy to maintain and clean. It hides dust and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth

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