Easy Chain shops sheving system by Sartoretto Verna™
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Main Characteristics:

®Easy Chain is self-supporting, requires no fixed wall support, and can be organized, moved, and quickly placed in any part of your shop.

®Easy Chain’s minimalist design lends itself to being easily used indiscriminately in any area of the pharmacy. Rounded edges and finishes render the parts pleasing to the eye as well as to the touch.

Easy to assemble. The system consists of three elements: shelf, jolly and blister hooks, which can be easily combined to create a variety of single or double-sided configurations with varying heights.

Easy to position. The system has a supporting back that goes against the wall reducing construction work.

Reduction of costs for renovation, assembly and maintenance. Italian product in ABS: long-lasting and environmentally-friendly as it is recyclable

Easy to maintain and clean. It hides dust and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth

How to achieve success renovating your shop?